Green Energy Las Vegas, Nevada

Green energy in Las Vegas, Nevada
As we all know that the major problem in the world today is global warming. There are worse effects of this warming on our world. The main reason of this warming is fossil fuels and the pollutions releases from the usage of fossil fuel. The only way to get rid of this problem is the use of green energy. Green energy in Las Vegas, Nevada is the renewable energy. The major positive point of this Green energy in Las Vegas, Nevada is that while using green energy, less pollution is caused in the production. This in turn saves the world from harmful effects of pollution such as smoke acid rain etc. the main sources of green energy are solar waves, wind and water.

As the other states, Las Vegas is also working for the development of Green energy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Government is taking serious steps to increase the sources of Green energy in Las Vegas, Nevada. The most famous energy center in United States is MOAPA solar energy center; this center has announced two solar projects as the projects of green energy in Las Vegas, Nevada. These projects will produce 100 megawatt with solar energy and another 100 megawatt by using concentrated solar technology. These two solar projects are planned to be developed on the federal and tribal lands of Clark country. In addition to this in Nevada pattern energy group’s worth of $225 million, wind farms are also going to be added silver state power grid. This is added on an agreement for 20 years. These wind farms are about 200 miles away towards the north of Las Vegas.

The silver state south project will produce 50 megawatt electricity. It is similar to silver state north project which is already completed and working on solar power. Green energy in Las Vegas is not only increasing the economy of the state, but also giving jobs to many people. The use of this renewable energy boosts the economy of the country. An agenda related to green energy in Las Vegas, Nevada has been passed recently in the presence of many important government figures. In this agenda, it has been announced to develop a 12 square mile wind farm, in rural White Pine country which will produce electricity. More over a loan of $105 million is granted by the federal department of agriculture, to develop trash to energy bio fuels plants in Reno.

Although there is plenty of green energy in Las Vegas, Nevada such as sunshine, wind across the desert and plenty of minerals but there are no supplies of fossil fuel in the state, so they have to buy it from other states. It is better to use these sources of renewable energy, rather than buying fossil fuels from other states. The sources of renewable energy can be increased by growing plants. By doing this not only the economy but the job situation in the state will also increase. It has been announced by the officials of white house, that all the paper work of the projects related to green energy in Las Vegas, Nevada, in terms of safety and environment study has been done and soon the permission will be granted.